Companion Dog Show 2024

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With Christmas and New Year out of the way it was time to focus on our annual Companion Dog Show.

Once again, the event was held at Redruth Community Centre and the event was well attended.


Class / CupDog's Name Exhibitor
1JuonSandy from Penzance
2ReneeKaren from St. Blazey
3HugoRyan from Penzance
4HugoRyan from Penzance
Best in Show CupReneeKaren from St. Blazey
Reserve Best CupHugoRyan from Penzance
Best Puppy CupJuonSandy from Penzance
6RoccoStephen from Redruth
7Roy's RocketAlison from Carnkie
9BobLynn from Hayle
11AkiroIan from Hayle
12LaneJulie from Taunton
13RosieMaggie from Camborne
14RoccoStephen from Redruth
15JuonSandy from Penzance
16AkiroIan from Hayle
Best CrossbreedMyrtleGemma
Best NoveltyMyrtleGemma
Best Reserve NoveltyReneeKaren from St. Blazey

Class 1 Winner ‘Juon’

Class 2 winner ‘Renee’.

Class 3 & 4 winner ‘Hugo’.

Best in Show winner ‘Renee’.

Best in Show Reserve ‘Hugo’.

Winner of Best Puppy, ‘Juon’.

Class 5 winner ‘Wilf’.

Class 6 winner ‘Rocco’.

Class 7 winner ‘Roy’s Rocket’

Class 8 winner ‘Mytrle’.

Class 9 winner ‘Bob’.

Class 10 winner ‘Mytrle’.

Class 11 winner ‘Akiro’

Class 12 winner ‘Lane’.

Class 13 winner ‘Rosie’.

Class 14 winner ‘Rocco’.

Class 15 winner ‘Juon’

Class 16 winner ‘Akiro’.

Best Novelty Reserve ‘Renee’.